ANDER HERRERA > Toni Kroos > Paul Pogba: Man Utd Fans Get Ander Herrera Manchester United Number #21 Jersey Now

 Ander Herera Manchester United Jersey Number

Ander Herera Manchester United Jersey Number. There is an old saying among photographers: “The equipment in your hand is the best you have got; go out and shoot”. Somebody must give this advice to the Manchester United ex-players and their fans.

They are crying over not getting Tony Kroos or Paul Pogba when they have already signed someone like Ander Herrera.

They have been spoilt by several years of marquee signings. They seem to be just going by the reputation and star value of players than their actual skills and strengths on the field.

All Hail Ander Herrera

Here is what I want to scream to the fellow United fans. Stop being cry babies and enjoy the worth of this great signing. Herrera is United’s future. He could also play his part in Spain’s revival too.

Do you know what Ander Herrera Manchester United Jersey Number is?

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Why Ander Herera > Toni Kroos > Paul Pogba?

We have seen in recent times that Toni Kroos is at best when he plays amidst some great players. He is used to play with some top stars playing at his left, right, front and back. He will surely enjoy the star-studded environs of Real Madrid. He would have been burdened with the weight of responsibility had he come to Old Trafford.

Pogba was here and we know what relationship he has had with the team. We better not re-visit horror stories.

On the other hand, Ander Herrera is used to shoulder responsibility. He was in great form last season and was one of the reasons for Athletic Bilbao’s rise to the fourth position in the La Liga. He is the kind of player Manchester United needs at this stage.

Well, you don’t have to believe my words.

Just watch the highlights of first official match of Ander Herrera playing for Manchester United.

More Highlights of Manchester United’s va LA Galaxy recent match.

He provided 3 assists and appeared a confident player with all-round ability.

Check out for Man Utd Number 21 next season – that is Ander Herera Manchester United jersey number. And that is from where goals, assist and control are going to originate!!!!!


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