English Premier League 2015 Title Predictions: Chelsea, Manchester City or Manchester United?

English premier league 2015 Title Predictions

English premier league 2015 Title Predictions

English premier league 2015 title predictions. Why are you restricting the English premier league 2015 title predictions to just three clubs? What about Southampton or West Ham? Or Arsenal?

Well, we limit our assessment to just three clubs because of history and current form. It has been a decade since anybody other than these three clubs managed to win the title. It happened last time when Arsenal won the EPL crown in the 2003-2004 season, something which Arsenal fans still talk about as if it happened last year.

A three-horse race

Since then, it has always been Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea. United won five times, Chelsea thrice and City twice. And a mere glance in the EPL points table will confirm that recent trend is not going to alter any time soon.

Chelsea and Manchester City lead the table with 39 points. Chelsea has the better goal difference and a game in hand. United is third, trailing the leaders by seven points. West Ham and Southampton are close behind United, at fourth and fifth positions. The other potential title aspirants – Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton – are way behind.

Team strength

Chelsea has the best defence in the league. There is no doubt about it. They even had the best defence in the last time. The arrival of Diego Costa has provided a cutting edge to their attack too. They look sharp, fast and menacing.

Manchester City is fielding more or less the same team that won the EPL crown last year. The return of form of Sergio Aguero and David Silva is auguring well for the team. The problem with city is that they tend to freeze in some games and throw away points. If they manage to avoid that trend, they can take the fight to the Chelsea camp.

What about Manchester United? They still look like a work in progress. An incredible late rally is what they need to launch a title assault.

Who will win?

We do not have any surprise in our English premier league 2015 title predictions: Chelsea first and Manchester City second.

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