Here How to Watch World Cup 2014 Final Online In USA if You’ve Started Falling in Love with the Soccer Games…

The Americans seem to be start falling in love with Soccer. Many start watching in a group of few friends, even a big crowd in a cozy bar or stadium. Even Presidence Obama was taken his work time off watching the games!

Well, the USMNT has crashed out of the world cup. It was good while it lasted.

As United States soccer fans, we can salute the US players for their heroic foray into the second round from a strong group.

After all, elbowing out Ghana and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal is not an easy task.

Even though our beloved US team is not there, the football fever refuses to die down for many.

You too feel the same?

Here are Top 10 Tips to Watch World Cup 2014 Final Online in the USA before and after works

1. 14 July 2014, Monday is the day on which final will be played. Try taking a day off by persuading your boss about the importance of world cup football. But bosses are bosses because they are not usually persuaded. So, you better revert to some old-fashioned reasons, like “wifey’s ill”.

2. If the boss is too smart for that, try to find ways to watch the match from work. There are numerous free live coverage tv here which can be accessed through PCs, laptops, and smart phones. Take your pick, but be discrete.

3. Take the best Live streams of world cup matches from USA directly here.

4. If nothing works, hang around near your boss when the match begins. He’d be watching and probably let you watch after the first goal. Goals melt down egos of even the toughest of bosses.

5. If you do manage to skip work, by offering whatever excuses, you have options galore. The most unfashionable among them is watching alone at home. Only the hopeless narcissists will do that.

6. The best among the affordable options is to go out on a pub or a bar. But make sure that they offer matches on TV and TV is large enough to do justice to your spirit.

7. Always watch the final five minutes of all Argentina matches. That is when they score.

8. Whom do you support? Brazil is without Neymar, Germany beat the USA, and the Netherlands fouls a lot. Argentina might be a harmless option.

9. Imagine yourself to be a football expert. Just talk about the Maracana disaster. People will consider you as a pundit. That happened last time world cup was held in Brazil, in 1950. No, it was not an accident, and no one was killed. Brazil lost to Uruguay in the final. And they still call it a ‘disaster’.

10. All Amazing United States soccer fans, stay tuned watch World Cup 2014 final online even when match is over and watch how the supporters of the winners celebrate.

Because that is how you would want to celebrate when the USMNT wins the world cup in Russia in four years’ time.

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