JJ Watt’s New Girlfriend Is A Hawaiian Hottie And A Pro Soccer Player

Its official: Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt is off the market.

Sorry, ladies, but according to multiple reports, it appears Watt is dating Kealia Ohai, a pro soccer player for the Houston Dash.

Can we just take a minute to acknowledge how athletic the children of Watt and Ohai would be? Like, they could literally take over the world.

Anyway, back to the present.

Apparently, rumors of 27-year-old Watt dating 24-year-old Ohai have been flying around for quite some time, and it now appears we can confirm with certainty these two are dating.

Speaking on the 2 Up Front podcast, Kealia Ohai said,

The rumors are true. We are dating. Ive known JJ for a really long time, and weve always been really great friends, and yeah, Im really proud of him for everything hes been going through, but its been pretty crazy with all the rumors.

Wow! You rarely see a high-profile couple go so public with their relationship, but Watt and Ohai are clearly in love and clearly dont care who knows it.

Im happy for these two; they make a pretty adorable pair, I must say.

You already know way too much about JJ Watt, so heres a closer look at Kealia Ohai, the Hawaiian hottie pro soccer player who just locked JJ down for real.

Kealia Ohai, 24, just revealed shes dating four-time NFL Pro Bowler JJ Watt.

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