New Manchester United 2015/16 Squad List: Best of Allied Forces

Manchester United 2015 Squad ListNew Manchester United 2015/16 Squad List: Best of Allied Forces

Fans said, this is possibility the best of allied forces of Europe best countries for Manchester United 2015 Squad List.

What do you think?

Best of England:

Wayne Rooney Forward, A great No 9 and No 10 Roles. One of the best all rounded attacker for England, a borned leader. Captain for Manchester United and England. Best known for his strong personality. Very strong finishing, key passing, holding on to the ball and possesion, longshots, direct free kicks. concentration, good counter attack threat

Michael Carrick – Defensive holding midfielder. Best known for his football intelligent. Ability to read and control the games. Seem to be always one step ahead of opponents by knowing where to pass even before he intercep. Great all rounded short and long passing, strong also in key passing, defence and ball interception.

Chris Smalling – Central defender or right back. Best known for his aerial duels, Self Discipline, passing as well as crossing when he is deployed as a right back. Has improved from time to time since joinning from Fulham. Future England Captain candidates.

Phil Jones – Centre Defenfer or right back. Best known for his warrior personality. Strong in ball interception and tackles. Great passing skills and holding on to the ball, but commits fouls often. Seem to start forming a good partnership with Smalling, should be a future England best defender.

Ashley Young – Right back or right winger. Best known for his versatility in comprehend what’s needed to be done in different position. Good contribution in defense and attacks. Strong in crossing with either foots and good through balls.

Luke Shaw – Left back. Strong and quick. Like to dribble, strong in crossing and short passes. A future England left back.

James Wilson – Very similar to Van Persie style of play. Quick foot, fast and intelligent movement. Strong finishing and short passing. Could finish and assist. Great counter attack thread. Don’t you think if he’s been given fair chance to build team around him just like what Tottenham did for Kane, he would have rise to the same high of Kane?

Best of Spanish:

Victor Valdes – A borned leader. Strong personality. Relax. Strong penalty saving. If he could re-coped his form in Barcelona, should have at least few more great years ahead of him for Manchester United.

Ander Herrera – Box to box Midfielder. Very talented midfielder. Strong in both attack and defensive contribution. Strong in key passing, through balls, tackling and concentrations. Very similar to the style of Inietsta of Spanish.

Juan Mata – Attacking midfielder. Strong direct free kicks and taking set pieces. Great attacker who is strong in passing, through balls, key passes and finishing. Formed a great partnership and understanding with Herrera in the 2014/15 season.

Best of Netherlands:

Memphis Depay – Attacking midfielder. Strong physically. Strong in dribbling, long shots, direct free kicks and passing. Great counter attack thread.

Daley Blind – Defensive midfielder. Strong in holding on to balls, interception and concentration. An intelligent player who could make the players around him better. A team player.

Best of Germany:

Bastian Schweinsteiger – A leader, a world class winner, and the new captain for Germany. Best known for his leadership skill on and off the pitch, and strong personality. Strong passing, long shots, direct free kicks and key passes. His best years is yet to come! He want a new challenge in Manchester United and want to wins the Euro Cup 201 6 for Germany.

Best of Italy:

Matteo Darmian – Right back, left back or right winger. He is strong and fast. Strong discipline, tackling, attack and defence contributions. Great, great future for Man Utd and Italy.

Best of Belgium:

Marouane Fellaini – Attacking or defensive midfielder. Strong in aerial duels and heading finishing. Strong in defensive contribution, tackling, and blocking the balls. Good plan B solution.

Adnan Januzaj – Attacking midfielder.  Best known for his dribbling and through balls. Need to improve on his defensive contribution and discipline. Very confidence of himself, need to gain more experience to improve as a team player though. Great future.

Best of Argentina:

Marcos Rojo – Centre defender or left back. Versatile, Strong in holding on to the ball, passing, tackling and ball interception.

Nicolas Otamendi – Centre defender or right back. Strong aerial duels, tackling, ball interception and blocking the balls. Very similar to the playing style of Vidic. Likes to clears the ball out of defence often. Posses great set piece thread.

Best of France:

Morgan Schneiderlin – Best known for his tackling and ball interception. Very similar to Roy Keane playing style. Strong in aerial duels, and concentrations. Can scores goals and posses great stamina and physical appearance. Great, great future ahead of him for Manchester United and France.

Best of Brazil:

Andreas Pereira – Attacking midfielder. Strong dribbling, and good agility. Can be a playmaker.

Best of Ecuador:

Antonio Valencia – Attacking midfielder or right back. Best known for his discipline. Strong in holding on to the ball, dribbling, tackling and defensive contribution.

Best of Ireland:

Paddy Mcnair – Can be centre defender, or right back. Mcnair is very strong in passing, have good concentration and likes to tackles. Got a bright future.

Possibility one of the Best of Allied Forces of all Leagues?

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