Angel Di Maria + Herrera + Vidal Arturo + Nigel De Jong is The NEW FEAR FACTORS

Arturo Vidal to Manchester United Transfer RumoursAngel Di Maria + Vidal Arturo + Nigel De Jong to Manchester United by 2 September 2014


Angel Di Maria

  • Paid For: £59.7 Millions

  • Worth: £70-80 Millions

  • Play him at the wing back for 3-4-1-2 formation. He can attack, run box-to-box, he can also defend and win back the possession for United.
  • Or play him at the left attack winger for 4-3-3 formation. This should bring out the best in Angel Di Maria in my opinion, he could do really well in this position compare to Juan Mata, because Angel Di Maria could dribble pass defenders and has greater speed compare Mata. Mata could either play with Rodney or Van Persie, Angel just have to start ahead of 3 of them.

Vidal Arturo

  • Shall be Paid For: £35 Millions

  • Worth: £40-50 Millions

  • Play him as the Defensive midfielder for 3-4-1-2 formation. If and when we play 3-4-1-2, the 2 midfielder has to equally good at defensive and holding possession so that the whole system would work smoothly, therefore it is best to pair Vidal with Ander Herrera here. With both of their high defensive work rate, box to box energy and creative passing, it would really scare off the opponents.
  • Or play him as the right midfielder for 4-3-3 formation.  Carrick at the middle, Herrera as the left midfielder. That would be deadly great isn’t it?

Nigel De Jong

  • Shall be Paid For: £15 Millions

  • Worth: £15-20 Millions

  • Play him as the Defensive and holding midfielder for 3-4-1-2 formation.
  • Or play him as the Center Defender. I wouldn’t mind putting him because I think he has the wisdom to adapt well, just like what Javier Mascherano did for Barcelona and Martinez for Bayern Munich. My first choice still go to Benedia, but I think he would be a Bayern player.

With 3 more new players in place, here how Manchester United would line up the most exciting team since the departure of Alex Ferguson.

3-4-1-2 Formations

De Gea

De Jong     Evans/Jones    Rojo/Blacket

Valencia     Herrera    Vidal     Di Maria


Rodney   Van Persie


4-3-3 Formations

De Gea

Jones    Evans    De Jong/Rojo    Luke Shaw

Herrera    Carrick     Vidal

Mata    Di Maria

Rodney/Van Persie

The fear factor would be coming to all of our opponents. Be very afraid!

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