PSG is a joke. Instead of a new defender (David Luiz) they needed a new financial advisor:-)

£50m for David Luiz to PSG” is currently trending on Twitter.”

Do you think it is worthwhile to pay £50m for David Luiz?

Or do you think it is just overrated?

Anyway, it is a smart business move for Chelsea.

Chelsea could probably use the money to buy 2 quality players they need, as Terry partner with Cahill is doing better than David Luiz.

May be what PSG is doing right is to have 2 of their Brazillian teammate formed, Thiago Silva and David Luiz.

What The Chelsea and Soccer Fans Has to said:

“This is a good move for Chelsea. Decent profit on a player who is a bit of a liability as a defender and although he plays well in midfield, Matic is a better fit there. Hopefully this can help with Costa fee and buying a backup striker too!”

With all sort of this Unbelievable Transfer Story, time will tell if PSG is doing the right business or not.

Perhaps when David Luiz win them their first UEFA Champions League 2015 or cause them a Red Card in a Final Game!

Whos know?

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  1. Eric 4 years ago

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